Sunday, June 06, 2010

Salary Fiddling, Labour Style

The Telegraph reported over the weekend that one of Gordon Brown's final acts in No.10 was to slash the Prime Ministerial salary by around £50,000. The PM was previously entitled to a salary of some £132,000 on top of the £64,000 he received for being an PM - and this is the salary that Brown treated himself to while in No.10. I would assume it's the special PM entitlement bit that has been slashed, bringing the total PM salary down to around £145,000 - only a few thousand more than members of Cabinet.

Leaving aside the fact that I think the PM should be well paid - and paid a decent amount more than members of Cabinet - isn't this just classic Gordon Brown? In fact, it's classic Labour. Take a look at this table of PM salaries - on page 7.

Look what happened the moment Labour came to power in 1997; the PM-exclusive portion of the salary went up from £58,000 to £100,000. Nothing quite typifies Labour as well as them putting up their own salaries upon gaining power, and then massively slashing them when they lose it.

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Anonymous said...

the celebs that support Labour and the BBC are hypocrites