Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And So...

... it has come to pass that the Conservatives are back in Government, and with some Lib Dems as well.

Really odd feeling at the moment; slightly surreal and a slight sense of frustration that in the end coalition was needed. However, I'm of the opinion that with the harsh economic situation we face a minority administration would have been short-lived. Further, another election wouldn't have been held until the Autumn, and we would have had the Tories having to make very difficult decisions for six months and possibly getting the blame for it all.

Whether this blog continues depends on a few factors. It doesn't seem particularly useful to run a blog attacking the opposition, but if Ed Balls becomes its leader I can certainly see it continuing. So it will exist in hiatus, with a few updates, for the next few months - while I decide what to do.

Thanks to those of you who continue to read.

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jon said...

those that say 'tory scum' are scum themselves