Saturday, April 10, 2010

Who Is Writing Gordon's Blog?

Since the start of the election campaign, the section of Labour's website dedicated to reporting Gordon Brown's speeches and statements has been turned into a kind of blog diary. And it's not a very good one; not just because most of the entries are boring, but they're also ineptly written. You can say a lot of things about Gordon Brown, but poorly educated he is not. And while I wouldn't necessarily expect Brown to write these things himself, it's a fairly golden rule of press releases that nothing is sent out in somebody's name when they haven't checked it first. So either Brown isn't checking things being written in his name, or he doesn't care what they say. Some choice examples:

"I spent the afternoon in something with a strange name, but a big impact."

"I spoke to an audience of economic thinkers, people involved in business and Labour supporters about what it was like having the job I do during the financial crisis, and about what we do now to secure Britain’s recovery and build an economy that's online, high-tech and green."

"This is Sarah and me walking down the room for my politics speech earlier and these were in the green room, preparing with Oona King, the host of the question session at Microsoft."

"Yesterday when I came back from speaking with Her Majesty the Queen I gathered the Downing Street staff to thank them for the continuing friendship they’ve shown to our family and particularly to say how much I appreciate all they’ve done to ensure Sarah and I can give the boys an ordinary childhood as far as possible."

I'm no grammar Nazi, but if I were a teacher there would be red pen all over these short extracts.

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