Monday, March 01, 2010

It's Not The Government's Money, Prescott

Iain Dale is already taking the Labour hypocrites to task over their Lord Ashcroft blustering, after the Tory peer confirmed his 'non-dom' status. He even gets into it on Twitter, which is something I confess I don't always look at.
However, there are two Twitter posts of a certain pile of butter that sum up all that is wrong about Labour. And it's not to do with the central issue of Ashcroft donating to the Tories, but rather that by - completely and utterly legally - being a non-dom, he was somehow depriving the Government of its money. I've screen-grabbed the posts, just in case Prescott becomes the latest Labour MP to pretend to have their Twitter posts altered:
Here is the Labour attitude laid out for all to see. Despite earning it, this money - according to Prescott - is not Michael Ashcroft's. It belongs to the Government; it is for the Government to take to spend on whatever it wants, despite it not actually having any part in its creation. No wonder we've had over 100 tax rises since Labour came to power; they don't think your money actually belongs to you. They think you're just keeping it in useful locations for the Government to take, to spend and to squander.

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