Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sugary Goodness

First of all, thanks to Plato for bringing this Labour PPB from 2005 to my attention. You need to get past all the guff about Tories killing babies and old people, but your reward for doing so is an absolute gem of a quote from Alan Sugar:

"What people don't seem to realise is for the past seven years under the leadership of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown - they have done a fantastic job. And the trouble is people won't know what a great job it is until they get themselves into a situation where things start to go pear-shaped again."

Two great ways you can interpret this. The first being that people don't realise how fantastic Labour are until they're in a position to claim loads more delicious benefits, which is hardly something to really look forward to. Yes, Labour have made a jobs market that sucks, but thankfully the dole system is super. But then I suppose it's all about the core vote. And the other interesting thing about it is that once the economy took a knock, it became very apparent what a piss poor job Brown had actually done. The moment the nation's finances went a bit "pear-shaped", the huge debt, massive borrowing, and the inability of our economy to fight the recession all became apparent. Well, for most people - I'd been saying it for years...

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King Athelstan said...

Actually the dole system is absolute shit as anyone who has experienced it in the last couple of years will tell You.