Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another BBC Moment

Observe the screenshot below, taken from the BBC Politics page at 5.30pm today. You'll note that a Conservative MP has been ordered to repay £9,500. You'll also note that an MP of indeterminate party leanings has denied making a claim for repairs to a bell tower - even though the evidence clearly shows he didn't differentiate between the bell tower and the other items in his claim. As we know, it's Jeremy Hunt in the first case, and Labour's own defecting toff Quentin Davies in the second. Can anyone fathom a guess as to why 'Labour' is missing from the headline about their naughty MP, whereas 'Conservative' is not? Or, for that matter, why in the Labour MP's case it's the denial that's the angle of the story, rather than the claim itself?


Norfolk Blogger said...

I think you'll find that adding another 6 characters to the headline would take it over the limit of letters that can fit in.

You can look for a conspiracy or look at the simple facts of laying out webpages so that things are properly formatted.

The Raven said...

There seems to be plenty of space on the right, though. Or you change the headline 'Labour MP in bell tower claim'.

It's also tiresome inconsistency, not a conspiracy.