Sunday, November 29, 2009

Apple For Teacher Pakistan

In an organisation as big as the Government, it is inevitable that mixed messages sometimes get out. That's what happens - not everyone can sing from the same hymn sheet all the time. But sometimes it's still possible to be amazed at the crass stupidity of whoever coordinates the timing of announcements and policies.

On Friday, we had Ed Balls telling English schools to cut back on their heating bills and stop cleaning themselves to save the somewhat paltry sum - in terms of overall Government spending - of £750 million.

And today Gordon Brown, alongside telling Pakistan that they really, really should have caught Bin Laden by now - never doubt Brown's ability to state something that is both populist and obvious - has apparently pledged some £665 million to rebuild Pakistan's education system and weaken extremism.

It really is like someone is hiding in the core of Government, purposely feeding really stupid ideas to the PM and Ministers to regurgitate.

Double Standards

Always the way, isn't it? You say 'I'll be back this weekend', and then your Internet connection breaks in such a severe fashion that the next step up from what it did would be to burst into flames and set your house on fire.

Anyway... I see that Otolose Loloahi Tapui, the former cleaner of Attorney General Baroness Scotland, has been charged with immigration offences. It's interesting, isn't it, that the cleaner is charged with criminal offences, but the learned Baroness can get away with a fine and calling the whole thing a 'technical' and 'administrative' breach?

I look forward to the day when, after stabbing four disenchanted voters to death, some expenses-fiddling Labour MP turns around to claim it was only 'technical killing', any not something more serious.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blogging To Resume

Apologies for the month-long absence.

I had enormous pressures at work, followed by a trip abroad, followed by more pressures at work.

However, I plan to get back to blogging over the coming weekend.