Tuesday, October 06, 2009

One Of These People Is Lying

Talking to the Sun - BBC article linked to because of more information - General Sir Richard Dannatt has said that ministers had to be forced "screaming and kicking" to agree to the needs of the armed forces. And indeed that the military had to operate with "at least part of one arm tied behind one's back". This is all part of the story that Gordon Brown refused to sanction an extra 2,000 troops for Afghanistan, against military advice.

Downing Street has said: "Any suggestion that the prime minister has been unwilling to deploy more troops or provide the necessary resources is simply wrong."

Now, either General Dannatt - a man who has fought for better troop conditions, equipment, and pay - is lying. Or our habitual liar of a Prime Minister - whose party tried to smear Dannant - is lying through his spokesman. It's difficult to know who to believe in such circumstances...

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Anonymous said...

It's got to be yellow streak Brown.