Saturday, October 17, 2009

Brown Takes The Biscuit (Or Not)

It's a silly little story but, as is often the way with the silly and apparently inconsequential stories, it tells us more than we might expect. The Sun reports that:

"Gordon Brown celebrate[d] the Hindu and Sikh festival Diwali at No10 with cakes yesterday - after refusing to name his favourite biscuit. Mums in a live webchat begged the PM to name it - but he would not crumble."

What sort of man can't do this? Chocolate Bourbon; easy, just name the biscuit you like most. But for a man who dithers, who can't make up his mind without opinion polls, and who doesn't like issues where he can't create his precious dividing lines, such a task is near impossible.

Maybe he's waiting for David Cameron to be asked the same question, and is hoping his answer will be a shade on the posh side. Then, no doubt, we'll have Brown pledging £100 million to the Presbyterian Shortbread Foundation.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pa Gordon McRuin's tombstone epitaph will probably be...

"Here Lies the Lies of Mr McRuin,
No more boom just bust, bust, bust.
the man who brought Neues Arbiets to dust, dust, dust...
Nae mair Boom nor Bust, Bust Bust.

L'Oncle Vanya de Ceasaromagus.