Monday, August 03, 2009

Sign On... Stay Here

Today was meant to be a good day for Labour. They were set to unveil a new points-based system for determining British citizenship, thereby making it harder for people to do what happens at the moment - migrants move here, and pretty much get automatic citizenship after five years.

I should also stress that a points-based immigration system (designed to stop people before they actually got into the country) was proposed by the Conservatives in their 2005 manifesto - Labour said it was 'racist'.

But in a show of uselessness that will come as no surprise, it turns out that some of the things migrants will have to do to earn points are just taking the piss. As this article from the Telegraph states, they will be able to earn points by learning how to make benefit claims. Yes, the plan is honestly to reward them for doing one of the key things that people against unlimited migration complain about. That's not to say every migrant is a scrounger and only here for benefits - of course that isn't true. But how does it help the public perception of migrants if they can actually solidify their claim to stay here by taking our money? So, on their day of toughness, Labour have ended up looking ridiculous - no doubt content in their Socialist world where benefits are an important part of citizenship.


Goodnight Vienna said...

That's priceless. They really do need kicking out before they do more damage.

Barking Spider said...

We seriously need an election. The spin just goes from bad to worse.

Anonymous said...

I've really got no problems with immigrants who come here, with qualifications & a grasp of the English Language to work & hopefully, (though doubtful under Brown's Mis-Government) better themselves. However, teaching them how to claim benefits is NOT the way to go. They should be unable to claim benefits until they've worked here for 5 years. Typical of NuLabour though.