Monday, August 10, 2009

Hazel's Highway Code

The story of Hazel Blears getting her tires slashed and windscreen smashed has done the rounds already, so I'm not going to cover old ground. But what I would like to know is how on earth she thinks this car is acceptably parked. From this picture in the Mail, you can see it's jutting out at the rear end, it's on a double yellow line, and - if you look at the video on that Mail page - you'll see it's awfully close to a junction. Labour MPs can't even park properly; no wonder they can't run the country.


Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

From what I heard, the fuckwit tried to drive it away - with 4 slashed tyres and a smashed windscreen.

Look how the tyres are almost off the rims - somebody hastried to move that car.

The Raven said...

I think you're probably right there, but in many ways that makes it even worse.

I'm sure there's something in the Highway Code about not driving with flat tyres or a windscreen you can't see through...

Anonymous said...

Yes, but it was some hoodie bastards who were bored and had nothing to do with her expenses!

I'm baffled by the audacity of her response! I mean, are the way the tyres slashed some sort of indication that the perpretrators are hoodie related rather than expenses?

What a vile, arrogant, greedy and shameless woman!