Sunday, August 16, 2009

The DSFC Isn't Even Trying

The BBC have a story discussing the Conservative plans to alter the way school league tables work; granting fewer points to schools where pupils pick 'soft' subjects, and preventing schools from trying to cram pupils into the lower end of the A*-C bracket. They are good, sensible, proposals - read the article for more. The DSFC has issued a statment to rebutt the allegations that there are 'soft' courses:

"We simply don't recognise the labels 'soft' or 'hard' A-levels - all subjects are rigorously measured against each other to maintain standards, overseen by Ofqual."

The rather unfortunate thing being that the BBC article itself contains the following:

"Critics say practical qualifications, such as cake decoration, pottery and flower arranging are being given equivalent value to traditional A-levels.

One example given included a course in tanning treatments which was worth 45 points in school league table scores - the same as an A grade in one of the four units that make up an A-level."

So you can either chomp your way through Great Expectations and half of Henry V, or learn how to turn on a sunbed and how long you should toast each side. No soft subjects here, no sir.

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