Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ainsworth Has No Shame

In an interview quoted by the Telegraph, Bob Ainsworth hides behind a veneer of patriotism to sneer at those who question our tactics in Afghanistan. Some choice quotes:

"This sense of purpose and momentum has not translated to the home front in the way that it might have."

First of all, don't you dare try to suggest that people don't support the troops themselves. That is not what is happening. What people are seeing is coffins coming back on an almost daily basis, filled with men often barely out of their teens. People are lining the streets in their thousands to pay tribute to these men. What so many object to is the reason why those men are in coffins; because you've given them vehicles that don't protect them against bombs, in a country where pretty much all the roads are covered in bombs.

"Some in the UK believe the fight is not worth it."

Maybe so, but they're entitled to an opinion. Not everyone has to agree with what intellectual titan Bob Ainsworth thinks. I myself think it probably is worth the fight. But it would help if our troops were properly equipped. There's a difference between something being worth a fight and something not being worth a slaughter.

"This defeatism has been exacerbated by political arguments about British troop levels, vehicles and helicopters that often misunderstand the nature of coalition warfare."

Don't you tell us we don't understand warfare when it's blatantly obvious that you barely understand tying shoelaces. Here's a reminder of you not knowing where our troops are, or indeed where they are going - so don't lecture us. Asking legitimate questions about our troop-to-helicopter ratio, our lack of bomb-proof vehicles, and our general equipment is not 'political argument'; it's a matter of major national importance.

We can support the troops without supporting the Government. We can question how well the Government provides for our troops without being against the mission goals. And we can take pride in our armed forces without moustachioed gits with double-digit IQs telling us to do so.


Goodnight Vienna said...

Excellent Raven. Well said. This isn't the first time Ainsworth has said something like this or accused the British public of not supporting the troops. The man is such a weaselly waste of space.

winston smith said...

this marxist ira sympathising rug wearing twat is a complete w----r

Scarlet Reeve said...

Good post. I would also like to add that Ainsworth also has no credibility, gravitas or authority. On the tash, someone should do a website called

Scarlet Reeve