Monday, July 27, 2009

Yvette Cooper Is An Idiot

Yvette Cooper is drawing up plans for the UK to recognise Workers' Memorial Day, to commemorate those who die at work every year. In theory, this could also become an additional bank holiday. She said:

"It's a tragedy that some people go out to work and then never return home to their families. I want to look at what the UK can do to remember the thousands of workers who have lost their lives. I know there are many ideas including a lasting memorial."

You have to question the intelligence of anyone who thinks this is a legitimate ground for the creation of a new bank holiday. And you certainly have to ask whether Cooper really is as much of a moronic shit as she seems for suggesting this in a month where 22 British servicemen have died in Afghanistan - including two more today. Does she not think that maybe, just maybe, a bank holiday to commemorate those - hundreds of thousands - who have lost their lives defending and protecting this country might be more appropriate?


Goodnight Vienna said...

Sometimes I really despair about the way this country is run. Yvette Cooper-Balls should suffer a humiliating defeat in her constituency at the next election. And what's May Day all about now? Isn't that supposed to be about the poor downtrodden masses now rather than gathering around a maypole? Stuff Yvette Cooper-Balls and her crappy marxist ideals.

Letters From A Tory said...

I didn't really need to read past the headline to agree with you, but it's still a good post.

Labour are so desperate to appease the unions that they'll put on any facade these days.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that, (in theory) what the Cenotaph ceremony is all about?

My dear ol 73-year old Mum was staying round mine last year & that happened to be on the telly - told me that back in the 60's before I was born she protested at the Cenotaph thing - placard - 'NO WAR!' & was arrested & spent the afternoon in the cells - good on her for standing up for her principles - especially in that age when women were not expected to have politics.

Oh, and also, here's the biggest feather in my cap, ever...

In the 70's, at Croham Hurst School, Croydon, my mum taught Bishop Desmond Tutu's daughter Naomi Latin.

(That just gives me such resonant contentment...)