Sunday, July 26, 2009

Submarines For India - No Helicopters For Us

Last year Gordon Brown promised £825 million to India in 'development aid' - spread out over the next three years. So in the region of £275 a year is going to India from the UK.

Today, we read that India has just launched a nuclear submarine. Out of all the countries with nuclear capabilities that some might consider to be a bit iffy, I still probably trust India the most. But why are we giving them £275 million a year when they have enough money - or perhaps even use the money we give them - to buy advanced nuclear weaponry instead of investing in their dilapidated national infrastructure?

We're either giving money to a country which is spending it on nuclear submarines, or we're giving money to a country which already has enough in the bank to buy nuclear submarines. Does anyone want to work out how many Chinooks for our own troops we could buy with that money?

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