Friday, July 31, 2009

No Bob... It's Because You're Rubbish

Poor diddums. Bob Ainsworth thinks people are picking on him because he's from the Midlands, a bit simple and has a moustache. However, despite those being perfectly valid reasons to pick on him, the main cause of the disdain so many people feel for poor Bob is his general ineptness. See him on form against Paxman when he was Armed Forces Minister.


Longtimetory said...

To be fair to Bob Ainsworth (something I hate to be), what he probably was trying to say, in his inarticulate way, was that troops that were coming home would not be replaced by troops going out, therefore achieving a real reduction overall.

The Raven said...

Perhaps, but you also have to remember when this was. It was that time Brown flew to Iraq in the middle of the Tory conference to announce troops were coming home when many of them already knew they were - indeed 150 of the 1,000 were already home. It's the pathetic defence of Brown's actions that makes the video what it is - and the fact that Ainsworth doesn't appear to know what the PM is doing.