Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chris Bryant's Nagging Holiday

The BBC is reporting that Chris Bryant - Foreign Office Minister and Secretary of State for Smearing the Tories and Wearing Pants - has popped off to Corfu to visit British tourists. And why, you might be asking? The answer seems to be; to point out the bloody obvious:

Foreign Office Minister Chris Bryant will tell tourists and travel companies about the risks of falling foul of the law or becoming victims of crime. He said many Britons go "go a little bit wild" on holiday but he wanted to ensure they "have a safe one". Mr Bryant added: "We want to make sure that people have a great holiday".

It must be nice to be a Minster; free trips to Greek islands to do some useless nannying, and then spend a week in the sun. I wonder how much this little jolly cost the taxpayer?

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