Friday, July 31, 2009

No Bob... It's Because You're Rubbish

Poor diddums. Bob Ainsworth thinks people are picking on him because he's from the Midlands, a bit simple and has a moustache. However, despite those being perfectly valid reasons to pick on him, the main cause of the disdain so many people feel for poor Bob is his general ineptness. See him on form against Paxman when he was Armed Forces Minister.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Yvette Cooper Is An Idiot

Yvette Cooper is drawing up plans for the UK to recognise Workers' Memorial Day, to commemorate those who die at work every year. In theory, this could also become an additional bank holiday. She said:

"It's a tragedy that some people go out to work and then never return home to their families. I want to look at what the UK can do to remember the thousands of workers who have lost their lives. I know there are many ideas including a lasting memorial."

You have to question the intelligence of anyone who thinks this is a legitimate ground for the creation of a new bank holiday. And you certainly have to ask whether Cooper really is as much of a moronic shit as she seems for suggesting this in a month where 22 British servicemen have died in Afghanistan - including two more today. Does she not think that maybe, just maybe, a bank holiday to commemorate those - hundreds of thousands - who have lost their lives defending and protecting this country might be more appropriate?

Voice Of The Resistance

I'm pleased to say that I have been asked to contribute to the Voice of the Resistance blog. I will be making my first post there as soon as possible. I also intend to not simply duplicate my posts from here, which will continue as normal. A little musical resistance for you...

J.K. Won't Be Happy

J.K. Rowling - author and Labour donor - won't be happy with Harry Potter himself coming out for the Lib Dems. Unfortunately, Daniel Radcliffe rather fits the trend of actors not quite understanding how politics works, despite seeing fit to lecture us about it. He said:

"If all the people who liked them voted for them you could change politics overnight and we could have a proper three-party system."

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't an election the time of the political cycle where people who do actually like parties go and vote for them? If someone is motivated enough to support or even like a political party to a reasonable extent, you can bet money they'll be voting for them when a general election rolls round. Could it be that young Mr. Radcliffe believes the Lib Dems to be more popular than they actually are? It certainly fits in with the acting profession's political mentality of thinking that something must be important for us simple common folk because it's important for them - the great, lofty thespians that they are.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Submarines For India - No Helicopters For Us

Last year Gordon Brown promised £825 million to India in 'development aid' - spread out over the next three years. So in the region of £275 a year is going to India from the UK.

Today, we read that India has just launched a nuclear submarine. Out of all the countries with nuclear capabilities that some might consider to be a bit iffy, I still probably trust India the most. But why are we giving them £275 million a year when they have enough money - or perhaps even use the money we give them - to buy advanced nuclear weaponry instead of investing in their dilapidated national infrastructure?

We're either giving money to a country which is spending it on nuclear submarines, or we're giving money to a country which already has enough in the bank to buy nuclear submarines. Does anyone want to work out how many Chinooks for our own troops we could buy with that money?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gordon's Solemn Face

Brown puts on his serious face to pay tribute to the last solider to fight in WWI's trenches - Harry Patch, who sadly died today at the age of 111. For some reason, politicians and media folk are all forgetting that Claude Choules is still alive in Australia. Technically, he is the last British veteran of WWI left alive. But it looks as though because he no longer lives in Britain, we're going to have a memorial service now anyway.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nick Clegg's BBC Promotion

Found in this story:

I'm sure that Alan Duncan will be pretty pissed off.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chris Bryant's Nagging Holiday

The BBC is reporting that Chris Bryant - Foreign Office Minister and Secretary of State for Smearing the Tories and Wearing Pants - has popped off to Corfu to visit British tourists. And why, you might be asking? The answer seems to be; to point out the bloody obvious:

Foreign Office Minister Chris Bryant will tell tourists and travel companies about the risks of falling foul of the law or becoming victims of crime. He said many Britons go "go a little bit wild" on holiday but he wanted to ensure they "have a safe one". Mr Bryant added: "We want to make sure that people have a great holiday".

It must be nice to be a Minster; free trips to Greek islands to do some useless nannying, and then spend a week in the sun. I wonder how much this little jolly cost the taxpayer?

Friday, July 03, 2009

I Have Fisked Ben Bradshaw

Earlier on, Iain Dale wrote a thoughtful open letter regarding the comments Ben Bradshaw and Chris Bryant made yesterday about the dirty, wicked and evil Conservative Party. Iain is a big boy and doesn't need anyone to jump to his defence, but Ben Bradshaw has posted a response at LabourList which effectively amounts to rubbing Iain's belly and telling him to have a warm glass of milk and a lie down. It addresses precious few of the points Iain actually made, and even throws in a few more extra slurs for good luck.

I like Iain Dale, [A qualifier, before saying something patronising] but I’m afraid he has got it wrong this time and at the same time has exposed one of the problems of blogging. [You being the big blogging expert all of a sudden?]

In his open letter to me and Chris Bryant MP, he bases his assertions on a BBC article which focused on one or two things that Chris and I said – from a two hour debate, at which I don’t think Iain was present. [Your point being? If I had a two-hour conversation with you which was perfectly pleasant, except for the 15 seconds where I mentioned that Gordon Brown might be a kiddy-fiddler, which bit do you think you'd remember?]

In fact the Pride Political Debate, held to launch Pride celebrations in London, was a good-natured affair [Until you started smearing, that is] in which Chris and I debated with the Conservatives Nick Boles and Nick Herbert MP, and with Stephen Williams MP of the Liberal Democrats.

In Iain’s open letter, he comments that "We should try to find common cause rather than constantly to seek cheap political advantage". I understand why the Tories would want to remove the politics from the debate, [That's not actually what Iain said; what he said was that you should stop using Streicher-esque language to scare gay people away from the Tories] since their politics have not exactly measured up to the equality agenda [No, they haven't measured up to your party's equality agenda, which isn't a surprise seeing as how they're a different party] recently or in the further past. [In the further past, Alistair Darling was a member of a political party which glorified mass-murderer and gay-hater Joseph Stalin. How far back do you want to go?] As a Labour Minister I am proud to explain and communicate Labour’s policies and to show that Labour has a strong track record of achievement in ending discrimination. [No human being writes sentences like that - this must have come from a piece of literature produced by Labour HQ]

During the debate, I recognised and welcomed moves from some Conservative Party members such as John Bercow [Had to mention Bercow, didn't you, like he's some sort of pariah on these issues? He's just a toadie who cuddled up to you lot to get elected. Why not mention Cameron himself, or the fact that the Shadow Cabinet has gay members for the first time ever?] to drag their party [Kicking and screaming, no doubt; since we're all a bunch of gay-haters] into the 21st Century and sign up to the equalities agenda, but warm words from some of the more progressive Tories can’t hide the poor record of many Conservative MPs [Again, the Chancellor of the Exchequer loved someone who murdered 50 million people] and activists. [Activists have records now? A Labour activist once spat on me as I handed out leaflets outside Embankment tube station, so I guess that makes all Labour activists hate-filled fuck-faces?]

I also welcomed David Cameron’s recent change of language on equality and expressed a hope that the day will come soon when we do not have to debate this at all. [And yet you keep going on about the past voting record of Tory MPs]

In turn, Nick Boles and Nick Herbert MP made staunch defences of their party, acknowledged their mistakes [How modest of them. I'd like to see a Labour MP admit they have ever made a mistake about anything. Why don't you start and apologise for telling people to go to their GP for dental treatment, or saying that the NHS computer system isn't a useless piece of crap?] and talked about their advances, and were very gracious in their praise for what the Labour Government has achieved. [All praise Labour! We are not worthy!]

However, I commented that "there is still a deep strain of homophobia that still exists on the Tory benches". [There's a deep strain of Stalin-loving on the Labour benches] I do believe that many Tory backbenchers remain unreconstructed, [Fine, they disagree with you, and that upsets you. But don't use words like 'unreconstructed', as though human thought can just be broken down and put back together in a 'better' way. No wonder I'm hearing the words 'thought police' more since Labour came to power] as even a cursory glance at their voting and Hansard records will confirm. [A cursory glance at Gordon Brown's record says he doesn't give two shits about having an Iraq war enquiry, but we still appear to be having one - albeit a half-arsed one]

The Tory reaction to the debate, seeking to shout loudly in order to stifle discussion [Actually, I think they're shouting loudly because yourself and Chris Bryant just called them bigots] about their current stance on equality and gay rights, shows they still aren’t in the right place on this and have missed the point yet again. [More 'reconstruction' afoot, I think...]

David Cameron has apologised for his support of Section 28, but the argument has moved on. [Again, you keep bringing up age old Tory voting records, so it clearly hasn't moved on]

Why are the Conservatives rejecting important equality legislation for LGBT people in the shape of the Equality Bill? [This is a classic Tony Blair trick - find the most 'positive' thing an otherwise piece of shit bill does, and say that's why the Tories are against it. Just think of all the times Blair went on about the Tories being 'soft on crime' for voting against numerous ghastly bills which contained one or two things about making sentences tougher. I don't know precise individual thoughts on the LGBT content. What I do know is that this is the bill that reduces the male sex to something just above a paper bag full of semen on the employability ladder, and that's a good enough reason alone to vote against it]

Why did Cameron and his frontbenchers oppose fertility rights for lesbians? [Because they have a different opinion from you? Because they think that priority should go to people who can't conceive because of medical reasons and not because basic human biology won't let them? Because they think fathers are important figures? Any number of reasons, but the fact that they disagree with you on this doesn't make them wrong]

Why are they, right now, opposing laws to prevent incitement to homophobic hatred? [Because, knowing how rubbish your laws like this tend to be, and how the police are so keen to enforce your 'agenda'; they're worried about swathes of people being arrested simply for going lip-wristed and saying "Oooo, get you" in a comical fashion etc]

And why are they forming alliances with far-right, nasty homophobic parties in Europe and why aren’t gay Tories like Iain speaking out about this? [In the European Parliament, Labour MEPs currently sit (in the Party of European Socialists) with a former IRA member, a Polish anti-Semite, and an Italian Communist who thinks 9/11 was a conspiracy and Russia was right to invade Georgia. The PES is also invited a Turkish party which supports a terrorist group to join as a sort of 'associate member', and expelled an Austrian MEP for daring to raise the issue of expenses abuse. Speak out, Bradshaw - speak out...]

Despite some Tories’ slightly hysterical reaction, [Considering that Chris Bryant essentially said that the Tories were going to do devious things to gay people if they ever got back into power, I think the restrained anger - rather than hysteria - on display is entirely justified] they cannot deny that over the years [You said we had moved on...] and even up to the present day they have voted against nearly all of the equality legislation that this Labour Government has introduced. [My goodness, where to start? They don't always have to agree with your viewpoint. Your approach to 'equalities' isn't necessarily better. They are the Opposition. Some of the legislation was really fucking horrible] Although the mood music has changed from Cameron, I’m afraid I remain to be convinced that the Tory backbenches have really changed. [Funny, because that Jake poll which had the Tories getting 38% and Labour on a piss-poor 20% of the gay vote suggests most gays aren't nearly as blind, stubborn and spiteful as you. And where the hell have you exposed one of the problems with blogging?]

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Compare And Contrast - Ministers And Nazis

Two quotations from Trust No Fox, a children's book published in 1936 by prominent Nazi Julius Streicher:

"One thing always keep in view, Once a Jew, always a Jew!!"

"Don’t trust a fox on the greensward, And never a Jew on his plighted word!”

And two quotations from today, from Ben Bradshaw and Chris Bryant:

"A deep strain of homophobia still exists on the Conservative benches."

"If gays vote Tory they will rue the day very soon."

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

0% Growth - 0% Economic Credibility

My favourite bit? The look on Tessa Jowell's face. She clearly wasn't paying attention, but is suddenly grabbed by the stupidity of what Brown said. She then looks over at the Tories, almost resigned to the fact that they going to take the piss.