Thursday, June 04, 2009

Purnell's Letter - I Smell 'Vision' Crap

So Purnell has gone - sideburns and all. While some, such as Danny Finkelstein are focusing on the comments he made about Gordon Brown's position in his resignation letter, I've noticed another very telling section. Depending on how you read it, it's either extraordinarily defeatist, or arrogant in the extreme:

"We therefore owe it to our country to give it a real choice. We need to show that we are prepared to fight to be a credible government and have the courage to offer an alternative future."

On one hand, you can read this as election talk. That he sees the party as needing to take a new direction and ask the people to chose whether they want New Old New Labour, or the Conservatives. Or, he is honestly of the opinion that it is the job of a sitting government to fight to be a 'credible' government, and to offer an 'alternative'. Just think what that sounds like for a moment. Am I the only person who hears shades of 'there will be no election because I want to set out my vision for Britain'?

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