Saturday, June 06, 2009

Iraq Enquiry - Gordon Doesn't Give A Rat's Arse

The Telegraph is reporting that Gordon Brown is planning to launch an enquiry into the Iraq War, presumably as part of his latest political fightback. It is absolutely vital that at no point is he given credit for doing the right thing if this goes ahead which, based on his record of keeping his promises, isn't a certainty by any means. And the reason for this is because he has quite possibly the most spineless and uninterested voting record on this issue it is possible for an MP to have.

As you can see on the Public Whip website, Brown has voted just twice in 16 votes on the subject of an Iraq enquiry, and on both those occasions it was to prevent an enquiry from taking place. Some MPs have lower vote percentages on that site - as a result of voting against an enquiry on several occasions - but Brown's record typifies him. It shows he utterly indifferent to this issue, and when he is around to vote he does so in a way which will protect himself from criticism or investigation.

The man is a snivelling, two-faced coward, and don't let any journalist - or normal person, for that matter - be impressed if Gordon goes ahead and does the right thing.


Louise said...

Gordon will never, ever do the right thing - his announcement today that the enquiry will be behind closed doors has proved that! Don't forget, he wouldn't have said anything against the war in Iraq as he had to make sure his future career as country wrecker was secure.
Maybe you could take a look at my site and see my similar views to yours on our illustrious leader!!!

Anonymous said...

Blair's 'earmarked' as next EU President - any enquiry into Iraq will be a further waste of taxpayers' money. The outcome is predictable - a 'whitewash' casting Bliar as 'faultless'.

Brown .... the puppet scapegoat.

Anonymous said...

Smoke and mirrors ....

Bliar's 'earmarked' for EU Presidency. Any enquiry into Iraq will be a gross waste of taxpayers' money - outcome will be totally predictable - a 'whitewash' endeavour to remove any 'stains' from Bliar.

Brown's a stooge .... puppet politician.