Saturday, June 06, 2009

Gordon Brown - YouTube Loner

Above is a screenshot taken from the Number 10 YouTube page; the one with the really creepy videos of the Prime Numpty pretending to answer questions and doing his ghastly smile. As you can see, there is only one subscription listed on that page - and it's Peter Mandelson's BERR. By contrast, WebCameron has nearly 2000.

What I want to know is this? Does this mean that Number 10 has only subscribed to BERR, or that BERR is the only user to subscribe to Number 10? I suspect the latter, and confess I'm not really a YouTube person. But by not putting my weird face all over it like Gordon Brown, it's not like I'm pretending to 'get it' either.


captainff said...

To answer your question the 'subscriptions (1)' refers to the other users that DowningSt has subscribed to.

Apparently they have 7105 people subscribed to their channel.

Which is a shame.

The Raven said...

Interesting - thanks.

So only BERR catches Gordon's selective eye...