Friday, May 22, 2009

Georgia Gould Is Up Her Own Arse

Now that Labour has fought its dirty internal battle to pick its PPC for Erith and Thamesmead, spurned contender and do-nothing Georgia Gould has given an interview to the Evening Standard. She said:

"I've never denied that I'm incredibly privileged but that doesn't mean I'm not a hard worker or genuine in my beliefs. I was democratically voted head-girl at Camden School for Girls, a high-achieving state school, and I went to Oxford, so I could have gone for a high-paying glamorous career. But I do this because I am passionate about it and I love it! Though I do understand," she smiles, "that some people will call me a walking contradiction."

Gosh, she won an election at school. How well that must have prepared her for a life in professional politics. And yes, she could have gone for a high-paying glamorous career, if she demonstrated she had the talent for said career. But the thing is, she has never actually put herself to that sort of test. She has come out of Oxford with the delusional belief that she's making some sort of sacrifice by going into politics, and that she should someone be appreciated for doing that.

The problem here isn't that she's rich, educated, and from a handsome economic background. My party is lead by a man who went to Eton and Oxford, is married to the daughter of a Baronet, and is a distant relation of King William IV. The problem is that Georgia Gould wants to get into politics because she thinks it's a good gig, not because she has shown any talent for it, or indeed any talent in the world outside politics.

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