Monday, May 25, 2009

Darling Has No Shame

The idea of Alistair Darling being a good guy in with a bad crowd seems to die a little more every day. Now it has emerged that he, along with eight other members of the Cabinet, put accountants on their expenses. His statement on the issue was:

“Like many MPs, I employed an accountant to prepare tax returns for each of the years in question to ensure that the correct amount of tax was paid.”

First of all, precisely nobody employs accountants to ensure they pay as much tax as possible. Accountants are hired to make money work better for you, and to ensure your interests are served; not to hand over big bags of your earnings. And secondly, he didn't employ an accountant - we did.

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LostSock said...

I agree entirely Raven.

Do we need politicians really ?

Why not just have clever people with scruples in charge ?

I say burn them all and do away with all this stupidity.

Great blog........even if it is all politics