Friday, April 24, 2009

Phil Woolas Shafts Gurkhas

Today the government announced that all the optimism generated last month when it looked like all the Gurkhas would be allowed to stay was for nothing. Essentially, they've carried out the smallest of changes to allow a few more pre-1997 retired Gurkhas these rights. The government claimed this would be over 4,000; the Gurkhas claimed it would mean only 100 or so. In the light of the budget predictions on Wednesday, I'm inclined to believe the Gurkhas.

Anyway, we all know Woolas is an oily bastard. He's the one who was happy to sing to the 'let 'em all in hymn sheet' until the BNP turned his constituency into their showpiece in 2001. So then he became Mr. Tough on - and now Minister for - immigrants, and is obviously hoping to cling to that majority of his. He said:

"It has never been the case that all Gurkhas pre-1997 were to be allowed to stay in the country. With their dependants you could be looking at 100,000 people."It's simply not true that we have betrayed the Gurkhas. When people read the guidelines they will see the sense of them."

Well fuck me! 100,000 people who served this country, who want to make a contribution while living here, and who want a fair deal from the government. How dare they! After all, we've got anything up to a million illegal immigrants living here, and we need all that money that should go to the Gurkhas to pay for their free houses and benefits.

If you ever wanted more proof that this government was infested with lesser forms of life, this story is all you need.

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King Athelstan said...

Woolas is a particularly repugnant shitbag.