Sunday, April 05, 2009

John Prescott - Fat Piece Of Shit

Tory MEP Dan Hannan - he of the Brown-roasting video - has said a couple of unhelpful things about the NHS; things which clash with the line David Cameron has taken on the health service. John Prescott waddles in with:

"The caring Conservatism mask seems to have slipped again to reveal the true distorted face of the Tory party."

Think about this for a second. The line of Prescott's attack isn't 'the Tories are inconsistent', which in this instance might actually hold a tiny bit of water. Instead, Prescott's attack is the same old 'nasty Tories are evil and hate the NHS'. This is the NHS that looked after Cameron's disabled son pretty much every day for six years. The son who died earlier this year. Yes, Prescott's line of attack is still that Cameron and the Tories hate the NHS and want to destroy it, despite all the evidence to the contrary. It's both pathetic and, on a personal level for Cameron, really quite insulting.


Sparrow said...

Hannan's comments on the NHS I think came on a US "politics" show where he (rightly) had a go at the decisions of "NICE" about which cancer drugs would be available and to whom.

He didn't comment on whether a US patient with cancer and without expensive insurance would be able to access the same drugs at all.

Probably wise given the point he wanted to make.

I support Hannan's comments on Broon and the economy, I worry about Hannan's alternative vision of the UK.

In short I buy the criticism of someone else's position. I don't buy the total position of the person making the criticism.

Politics is so lame if it can't make that distinction.

Letters From A Tory said...

It is amazing how excited the Left has got after an MEP, not even an MP, said that he didn't like the NHS.

They've given up on attacking Cameron so they are looking for a new target.

moorlandhunter said...

I totally agree with the title. JP is what you say he is, the world's fattest finger down the throat bulemic.
It's so difficult to imagine that his fat finger was on our Nuclear button when TB went into hosptial for a tests. TB was bad enough but Pressa? God save us from the lefty bigot.

talwin said...

Think about it. Prescott is sub-literate; has displayed violent tendencies (arguably he did to his egg-throwing protester more than did the cop who pushed Tomlinson); is a Two-Jags grasping hypocrite; has 'problems' remembering his council tax payments; is that rarity, an obese bulimic; a proven geriatric adulterer. Charming! But as Tony Blair famously opined after Prescott's assault, "It's just John being John".

So that's alright, then.