Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Everyone's A Policeman

I'll leave the disturbing case of Ian Tomlinson in more capable hands, it sufficing for me to say that there needs to be a proper investigation into this. The footage that has been released is worrying, but what I find more worrying is that the police's denial that they had been anywhere near this man is now exposed as a complete and total fallacy. I await the result of the likely enquiry into this before making up my mind entirely, but at a more fundamental level the question that needs to be asked is 'did the police lie'?

What I wanted to ask was to anyone who has been near a mainline station in London recently; have you seen these people called 'Ticket Enforcement Officers'? This morning at Waterloo, I saw five of them surround this one woman at the end of the platform; her crime - that I could detect from my eavesdropping - was to have been sold the wrong ticket when she bought it in advance. Five men, dressed almost exactly like policemen - same flat hats, high-vis jackets, utility belt, and what appeared to be some form of padded jacket - surrounding a lone woman to force her to pay a fine for her ticket mistake. The only reason I noticed they weren't policemen was because they had 'Ticket Enforcement Officer' written on the back of their jackets. At first glance, I thought they were coppers. I just find it entirely inappropriate for people like this to look like law enforcement officers. It's bullying and intimidation through the use of a uniform - nothing more.


Anonymous said...

Sadly that is the way the country has gone. Give people a high vis jacket and a touch of power, it keeps them off the dole.

As for the police, you would have thought they would get their facts straight before making a statement to the press. They have done exactly what they did following the shooting of Menezes.

Jess The Dog said...

Tell them to shove it! They have no powers. These wastes-of-space are the first to vanish when drunken chavs appear on the scene.

The Raven said...

Indeed. I have had no time for them since I was fined many years ago for precisely the same reason; my station was closing for a fortnight, so I bought tickets in advance and was sold the wrong ones. The final straw came when, having shown the ticket to the inspector on the train, the zombie at the station screamed "the ticket inspector does not have to actually look at the ticket!" Fuckers.

moorlandhunter said...

Except we are not all Police Officers and I have no confidence whatsoever that people would come to the aid of me or anyone else if there was a call for help, people would walk the other way rather wanting to get involved. It already happens everyday in London and in other cities and towns.
The reasons for the man’s death is not known, he was pushed and then walked away dying some 7 to 20 minutes later so I’ve heard whilst the same police who open or two of previous posters have castigated for being cowards etc. The Police who aided this man where attacked, why no outcry over that? I know, because it goes against the frantic prejudgements of the press over this and the gullibility of people who see a video and make 2 + 2 = 5. The Officer who has come forward and said he is the one who pushed the man has already been tried, found guilty and convicted of murder according to many people and I doubt if there ever was a criminal case against him, he would receive a fair trail at all because of the media hyperbole over the issue.
If you think the Police are cowards go and visit the Police convalescent homes where you will see many officers who have been shot, stabbed, axed, bottled, left quadriplegic, burned, beaten and with many other wounds after being so cowardly on our streets? I sometimes wish that they would have the right to withdraw their labour for a week or so and their detractors would really see how well people could cope on their own when the mobs come and take what they want from peoples houses? I can almost hear the moans and anger now.

The Raven said...

Umm, I never said the police were cowards. I said it was inappropriate for people to look like police when they weren't. And before that I said that we need to know why the police released a statement than turned out to be a complete falsehood. And while the reasons for his death are unknown, the public has a right to know how and why the policeman who hit him acted in the way that he did; there may have been some form of major provocation. But the police didn't help their case by quickly stating they had no involvement with this man when that was untrue.

moorlandhunter said...

The reason for the confusion was more than likely because of the confusion that occurs when violent confrontations have taken place and like a firefight with soldiers in war zone confusion reigns and communications break down. I doubt that the mistake was intentional, but it appears not to matter to many. Its just another case of the Police are guilty. They cannot win and if they do then they are more than likely guilty of some crime or another to some people.
I wait for the next instalment of the anti Police hate to come out of the arrest of the 12 suspected terrorists yesterday? It’s sure to come about in the media and left wing press tomorrow or the weekend. I bet I’m right.