Saturday, April 04, 2009

Decoding Jacqui

From her Telegraph interview:

"We've got a strong relationship both personally and professionally – in terms of the work he does in my constituency office. And it's still strong now."

We're barely talking, he's sleeping on the sofa, and I'm pondering whether he gets my 'second home' in a divorce.

"... abided both by the letter of the law and by the spirit of the regulations".

I'm self-righteous cuckoo who can do no wrong.

"I think I should be very open about my expenses, but there are bits of my private life that I don't think should be open to public scrutiny."

I have no intention of paying back that money I claimed on my house, and I confirm that my husband is sleeping on the sofa. He's got his favourite wanking sock with him though, so at least he won't be lonely.

From the same article:

Some of her colleagues believe that the leaking of the details of her expenses claims were "Tory inspired." One Labour source said: "I am sure that's where this is coming from."

We are firing into the dark, hoping to deflect some attention from the Home Secretary's husband blowing his load with public money.

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