Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Breaking News - Gordon Brown States Sodding Obvious

During his visit to Poland, and while not being called an economic retard by the Polish PM, the BBC paraphrase Gordon as saying:

'Auschwitz is a testament to past evils but also to the enduring human spirit, Gordon Brown has said during a visit to the former concentration camp.

The prime minister said the camp, in what was Nazi-occupied Poland, served as a reminder that future acts of inhumanity.'

I am now looking forward to his pronouncements about the grass being green and cows going moo.

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talwin said...

Not quite sure what aspect of one million ghastly, awful deaths at Auschwitz is a "testament to the human spirit". Whose, for Christ's sake?

Who writes this bollocks? I know about Auschwitz and I've been there more than once. Of course it is a "testament to past evils" but that's it. There's no more. Zilch. It's a place of horror, torture and death. Whatever some know-nothing speech writer thinks sounds clever and 'statesmanlike'.