Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Only 15 Months Left To Rig The Election

I'm sure you will have noticed this article on LabourList by Kristofor Brown. In the article - entitled 'Time is Running Out for PR' - he says:

"Time is running out. The possibility of the government changing the voting system before the next election is looking less likely every day. And holding a referendum knowing that it could not act on the outcome before an election would merely make the government look even more inept. Does this mean we must simply wait for an election that may well bring about another Conservative government with no interest whatsoever in electoral reform?"

Now, doesn't it seem strange that a Labour supporter, after over 12 years of his party being in power, is suddenly calling for electoral reform? FPTP seemed okay when Tony Blair was raking in majorities of 150+, but now Labour are looking more and more likely to lose the next election PR is suddenly the way forward. Kristofor's thinking is clearly that Labour should bring in PR, make the Lib Dems happy by doing so, and form an unholy alliance of ineptness with them to keep the Conservatives out of power for generations.

Labour's Britain - A Banana Republic for the 21st Century


Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

Well spotted that Corvus!

scunnert said...

KI guess they'll just have to rely and the tried and tested postal vote rigging.