Sunday, March 22, 2009

Are The BBC Even Trying?

This was the BBC front page at 4pm this afternoon:
The BBC has been milking the 45% tax issue for days, so now the Tories have suggested that an IHT cut might not be possible - though they still hope to do it - in the dire economic circumstances they'll inherit, they're going into bias overdrive. It's almost as though the BBC has forgotten that the 45% tax rate is a Labour policy, and that Labour (badly) tried to copy the Tories on IHT.

Tony McNobby, the man who claims Parliamentary allowances for living with his parents, has been shoved off the front page.

Gordon Brown is apparently 'leading' the tributes to Jade Goody, who died this morning. What a brave, inspiring figure he is. I'm glad he's here to guide us through the recession after he so bravely and nimbly jumped onto this populist bandwagon to take the reins himself!

Labour thickie Angela Eagle weighs in with:

"What is clear is that the more Conservative economic policies come under scrutiny the more they fall apart."

Which is a sentence so retarded I don't actually know what it means. How does scrutiny have anything to do with it? They're worried they won't be able to cut taxes because Labour and your beloved Gordon Brown have fucked the economy up so much there's no fucking money left - anywhere, at all - to pay for it.


Tory Poppins said...

Absolutely on the money Raven. Never a truer word spoken. Bravo!

Letters From A Tory said...

If you listen to Ken Clarke, he doesn't really contradict anything that anyone else has said, making this whole situation seem even more absurd.

The BBC are gunning for Labour in increasingly overt ways and it's getting very boring.

BSH said...

Indeed, I note that Mervyn King suggesting n'o' to more stimulus did not appear on the BBC until 4-5 hours after the event.