Monday, February 02, 2009

Expected Blame

Like hundreds of thousands - if not millions of people - I have been working from home today because of the weather. Bizarrely I have actually been working, rather than carrying out my original plan of just sitting around in my dressing gown eating toast. But I have watched the news at various points today, and something has struck me as particularly ridiculous.

I think it's daft that every time we get a couple of inches of snow in this country the whole place grinds to a halt. But it happens every single time, and it seems no amount of preparation actually does a thing to stop it. I have simply come to accept it as something of a national quirk. So imagine my complete lack of surprise that just about every lefty within reach of a microphone is blaming both the transport problems and often the weather itself on Boris Johnson. I'd love to know how their brains can fathom the idea that Boris Johnson can make it snow, but seem completely unable to form a connection between Gordon Brown being Chancellor for 10 years and the current recession.


Chris said...

This has just struck you ? Jeebus.

Those of us living outside the poofy home counties have this on a regular basis but it only hits national news when London is affected.

Get used to it man and get to work you lazy toast eating layabout ;-)

The Raven said...

I phrased badly; what struck me as ridiculous was what the lefties were up to - not what the weather does :)

Chris said...

Yeah right - Scotland or anywhere north of Watford snow = a second rate BBC news story.

2 inches on London = national crisis.

BTW I am English living in "North Britain", so I get to see how we near neighbours see us. And its frankly very sad. FGS! Pull your socks up and get on with it.

And if someone mentions global warming and your carbon footprint then please attack them with a super soaker straight away - let them freeze. The Polar Bears wouldn't help them.

PS keep on at Blears please.