Monday, February 23, 2009

Brown Lies With Your Money

The latest waste of your money to come from Labour is this new website; awkwardly titled 'Real Help Now from HM Government'. The point of the site is, apparently, to keep people informed about the recession, and what is going on around the country to help deal with it. The real point of the site, however, is to use public money to peddle Labour's line. This line is twofold, and is nicely encapsulated by these two screen caps from the front page. The first being that what is needed now is loads and loads of government spending and interference, unlike what those pesky 'do nothing' Tories would do:
And the second thing is that this recession has nothing to do with Gordon Brown:
I personally think this website is absolutely taking the piss. It's spending your money on telling us that the government is right. I'm not done with this one, but it suffices to say for now that I have felt compelled to make a 'Labour Lies' label as a result of this site being created.


Anonymous said...

Vainglorious self justification and an inaccurate re-writing of history.

'I've been saying for the last ten years that we need better regulation and global coordination - after forming the unified regulator for Britain, the FSA, we arranged the Financial Stability Forum for the world'.

What unified regulator? It is clear that there was a tripartite regulator - not a 'unified regulator' in the form of the FSA and most commentators are agreed that regulation fell inadequately between three stools.

LibertyMine said...

Real Help Now. Sounds like some Obama soundbite. It's all a load of bollocks of course.

Remember the "real help now" for newly unemployed people faced with unpayable mortages. The "real help now" was supposedly help from day one, er, but no it wasn't was it. There is no "real help now" until the 14th week of unemployment. The first 13 weeks the "real help now" is sod-all and go and speak to your bank manager.

The web site is a sham. I put my old employers details in to see what he might get out of it. Other than another bank loan from Barclays, HBoS, HSBC, and so on, sod-all.

The Raven said...

Thank you for the very many comments, LM :)

I have something of an update on this story, which I'll post in the next couple of days. It relates to what happened when I tried to FoI that site, and suggests we're moving ever closer to a big brother state.

LibertyMine said...

Well I had only just discovered you and like what you right, that's why I'll be visitng regularly from now on.

Will wait with interest your update.