Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where Is My Bird?

Does anyone know why my Raven picture has vanished? This doesn't seem to be a problem limited to me; I've seen other broken images at other blogs I visit, and I wonder if there's a long-term issue with Blogger's hosting or something.

Ta for any info.


mmm said...

There is something a bit leaky.
In my Firefox bookmarks the Devil’s logo is randomly substituted with the red/white logo of Dolly Draper’s Labourlist and has done for a fortnight.

Daniel1979 said...

Your Raven is showing when I visited, i have not noticed any problems on the blogs today.

Google did have a probelm with the search engine earlier, when for 40 minutes all links on all searches carried a warning that "This Site May Damage Your Computer"

Seems that problem was down to human error, maybe the techies @ Google are having a few problems today. (saw it here:

The Raven said...

Hmm, if it's showing for you then it looks like a messed up cookie, my end. Thanks.