Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hazel Bliars

Like millions of people across the world, I'm sure you've been spending all your time at LabourList - Labour's latest attempt to prove to the rest of us that they don't understand the internet. And you will have no doubt seen this little article by Hazel Blears. It's pretty much 340 words of total arse, including gems like:

"I believe that there is a reason why Labour understands what needs to be done, whilst the Tories don't get it. Why Labour does the right thing, and the Tories would do the wrong thing: making the recession deeper, longer and more painful. Why Labour Britain is working with countries across the world, while the Tories are isolated and alone, out of step with Europe and with Obama."

Notice how we have the two latest Labour things in here; 'do nothing' Tories, and linking everything back to Obama? But aside from her lies about the Tories, Hazel also lies about herself:

"I was a councillor during the 1980s recession in Salford, which bore the brunt of the mass unemployment."

Except she wasn't. The 80s recession was from 1980 to 1982, and Hazel first became a Salford councillor in in 1984.


Bond007 said...

What annoys me about Lefties is when whey allude to the 80-82 recession as a Thatcher recession.


Whilst Thatcher was PM at the time (taking office in May '79), the 80-82 recession had it's roots deeply in the late 70s Callaghan years.

The Raven said...

Very true, though it doesn't surprise me. I heard one of them blame the current recession on Thatcher as well...

Not a sheep said...

Thatcher is responsible for everything that goes wrong, or so the average Leftie and the BBC believe.

The Creator said...

Have you noticed how Hazel has apparently decided that what most people thought was a country called the United States of America is now actually called Obama?

The Raven said...

Indeed. The tragic thing about this Obama love-in - and it doesn't just apply to Labour, though they are doing it much more - is that it's already starting to look shifty. I gather he is continuing to press ahead with bringing another tax dodger into his Cabinet.