Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Check Your Own Side, Love

Caroline Flint, Minister for Thick Legs and Facial Blackheads is having a bit of a hot flush over a non-story involving Ken Clarke. It seems that six weeks ago Clarke aired some views on Europe that we all knew he had, and just now on Sky News he put this 'story' in its rightful place. Caroline Flint, in an obvious attempt to make the Tories look split on Europe, and as part of Labour's continuing policy of sucking Obama's nuts, said:

"Ken Clarke is absolutely right to warn David Cameron that his European policy would only serve to isolate Britain from the US. It's a straightforward test for David Cameron: give up your policy on Europe, as Ken Clarke says, or give up the special relationship."

Which is an odd thing for her to say considering the story I commented on back in December, when Flint said:

"Nonsense, [there are] no plans for Britain to join the euro."

And Peter Mandelson said this:

"My view is that the Government is right to maintain the long-term policy objective of taking Britain into the euro, but it is not for now."

You want to see the party that's split on Europe? Look at the one with Cabinet members disagreeing on what the party's policy on the single currency actually is.

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Letters From A Tory said...

Now Cleggover has decided that the UK should start thinking about taking us into the euro in the misguided belief that it will encourage stability and make us feel more secure.

Judging by the demise of every major economy across Europe and the riots that are taking place in several countries, I'm not looking too kindly on the euro right now.