Monday, December 08, 2008

Unlikely Coincidence

At 5:52 this evening, the government won a vote in the House of Commons to maintain a structure to the 'Damien Green Committee' which will, among other things, give them an overall majority on it. The Labour vote was subject to a two-line (or possibly three-line) whip today, as Bob Marshall-Andrews stated at the beginning of the debate. At 6:02 this evening, the BBC launched their first version of this story; Sharon Shoesmith - of the Baby P disgrace - has been fired.

Putting two and two together doesn't take a genius. The government whips its MPs into voting against a measure that would have left them unable to control the Green investigation within the House of Commons. This behaviour - and indeed the outcome of the vote - will undoubtedly make them look bad, as it makes them appear partisan over an issue which should be anything but.

So, just to recap; barely minutes before (in anticipation of winning the vote) or afterwards (upon knowing the vote was won), Labour controlled Haringey Council fires a woman who the public have wanted rid of for weeks. This will now fight with the vote story for top billing in the press, and will most likely win that battle. Didn't Gordon Brown promise an end to spin?


2345 said...

'Sackings' following media sleaze and sensationalism seem to be on the increase. The absence of democratic principles being applied in the process reflects a 'banana republic'.

The Raven said...

True, very true. Though I seem to have been wrong about what gets the headlines today; so far Cameron's criticisms of Brown are top of the agenda.