Monday, December 22, 2008

Not On My Street

I don't really need to say much on this one. It should suffice for me to give you a few quotes from this Telegraph article:

"A report calls for Manchester to have a David Beckham park, Edinburgh's library to be named after JK Rowling and for British Olympic medal winners to have streets named in their honour."

"John Healey, the Local Government Minister, will call on councils to introduce the new naming policy saying it is great for local democracy and local pride'."

"It recommends that Birmingham commemorate J.R.R. Tolkien and that London recognise Twiggy and David Bowie."

"It also urges Boris Johnson, the London mayor, to pledge that every Briton who wins more than two medals at the 2012 Olympics has a street in the capital named after them."

And to remind you of what Gordon Brown said to the Guardian last April:

"I think we're moving from this period when, if you like, celebrity matters, when people have become famous for being famous. I think you can see that in other countries too - people are moving away from that to what lies behind the character and the personality."

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