Friday, December 26, 2008

It Begins

We all knew after the ridiculous national debt increase announced the in PBR that Labour would have to find the money from somewhere to pay it back. The Telegraph is reporting that:

"Tax inspectors have divided England into 10,000 new 'localities' with each neighbourhood ranked on the socio-economic class of its residents and environmental factors such as crime and traffic levels.

The inspectors have even purchased demographic data disclosing how many company executives, pensioners or students live in particular streets, The Daily Telegraph has learned.

This has been collated on a secret database which is being used to assess the desirability of neighbourhoods to help determine council tax bills if Labour wins power again at the next election."

I don't need to comment very much on this, though I should say that those who honestly believed that the debt was going to be paid off with a 45% tax on the richest earners were clearly living in some sort of cloud-cuckoo-land. And isn't it convenient that this story leaks itself out - complete with denials, of course - on Christmas Day/Boxing Day, when precisely nobody will be reading the papers? Oh, and this process is being dealt with by the department of a certain Hazel Blears, so please do direct any questions or comments to her.

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