Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gordon Uses The Troops... Again

As we all know, Gordon Brown is in Afghanistan at the moment; looking sweaty, awkward and weird in another part of the world. Back home, the Conservatives are waiting to organise talks with senior civil servants, as part of a convention dating back over fifty years. The purpose of this convention is to allow for a smooth transition should the ruling party lose the next election, and to ensure that any major policies of the incoming party get initiated promptly. The Times is reporting that Gordon Brown has blocked these talks from taking place.

Lord Butler of Brockwell, cabinet secretary from 1988-1998, said that Gordon Brown's actions were "wrong" and "regrettable", and emphasised that : "It would be a pity if that permission wasn't given. In fact, it would be wrong."

Gordon Brown's spokesman said: "The prime minister is in Afghanistan, so it is not top of his list of priorities."

This brief statement is so typical of Brown, and indeed Labour in general. The actual meaning of the statement is: "Gordon Brown is in Afghanistan and helping the troops. The Conservatives are only concerned with getting their grubby hands on power. They don't care about real issues - Gordon does." It's Gordon Brown using the troops to avoid doing something every Prime Minister before him has done, and purely because he's a vindictive and petty little shit. And does he really expect us to believe that he's so busy he can't pick up a phone and give the civil servants the green light? Pathetic.

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Letters From A Tory said...

Absolutely disgraceful. The Conservatives should be all over the media with this as Brown is blocking normal democratic processes.