Saturday, November 29, 2008

Timeless Balls

The Times is carrying an interesting story about Ed Balls allegedly working for Gordon Brown before he became an MP. Apparently, if Balls was working for Brown while being paid to do so by a charity - in this case the Smith Institute - he would have been in breach of electoral law. But the story caught my attention for a different reason; mainly the fact that Balls has only been an MP since 2005. I find this staggering; his smug appearance, snivelling personality and highly punchable face have become such powerful reminders of Labour's attitude to politics that I honestly thought he'd been there from the very beginning.


Mrs Smallprint said...

Guido has been leading the campaign on this story for some time, he posts on it again today. Worth at look at his old posts on Ed Balls.

The Raven said...

Yup, noticed that. He dislikes Balls even more than me, it seems. And that's something!

Fidothedog said...

Have you noticed that he looks like Piers Fletcher-Dervish?

Anonymous said...

Balls has been there from the beginning - he was 'with' (nudge, nudge) Brown way before 1997.

And, yes, he's a smug, insufferable wanker.

From a civil servant who can't wait for Labour to FOAD.