Monday, November 03, 2008

Liam Byrned

Mr. Byrne, I wonder if you can explain this article by the BBC's Justin Parkinson? In it he points out how Gordon Brown's pledge at the Labour conference which:

"... promise[d] broadband access to all learners aged five to 19 whose families qualify for the help", and which "involves a "free laptop or other computer with relevant software and hardware" bought with a Home Access voucher, as well as technical support."

Was pretty much a copy of a pledge he made in 1999:

"The plan was to allow low-income families to lease subsidised laptops - then usually costing at least £1,000 to buy - for about £5 a week from their employers. Firms were given tax breaks if they provided old computer stock, which had been upgraded, to employees for home use."

So not content with using troops for political posturing, Gordon Brown also lies about being nice to poor kids. Maybe we should come up with a Dickensian nickname for him; something wonderfully onomatopoeic like Miser Grumblebroon...

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