Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jacqui Isn't Getting Any

Only a sexless leftie freak could see the logic in Jacqui Smith's latest policy idea. In essence, she wants to allow police to name and shame men who are seen kerb crawling, by printing their identities in local newspapers and on posters. Leaving aside the fact that this is a colossal waste of time and resources, what we see here is yet more prying into your private life. I don't think men visiting prostitutes is a particularly good idea, but if that's what they want to do then I'm not going to stop them. And if they want to tell their wife/partner, that is a matter for them and them alone. This scheme essentially turns the police and the government into arbiters of private sexual behaviour. What's next; a man from the Home Office coming to check how many times you thrust when humping your wife?

The other plank of this policy is to make it an offence to pay for sex with a woman who is 'controlled for another person's gain'. In other words, it will be a criminal offence to pay for sex with a prostitute who is 'managed' by a pimp or drug dealer. Yet again there is a lack of logic here. First of all, this technically covers brothels which are run by collectives of women; in fact the English Collective of Prostitutes (quite possibly the most amusing Trade Union in the world) has said as much. Secondly, it creates yet another situation where word of mouth is going to be the only evidence in a court of law. All a man needs to do is say: "I asked her if she had a pimp and she said no", and he's got a perfectly valid defence worked out. I suspect an astoundingly low rate of conviction as a result. And, leaving aside the problems it will probably cause for the prostitutes themselves, it also shows how Jacqui has completely missed the point. A large number of prostitutes are foreign, and are controlled in slums and ghettos by foreign pimps who usually double as people smugglers. But the ones who are UK-born and bred tend to work as prostitutes to pay for a drug habit, booze or even just food and shelter. Prostitution is a social problem created by social conditions, and you don't cut it out by making criminals of the men who use them or by making it much harder for the women to earn money. That'll just drive it even more underground where working conditions will get worse and their outlook will become even more bleak.


Anonymous said...

Is Jacqui Smith unaware of the British legal system and duties of the police with regard to it ?

Her vigilante/public persecution proposals are 'unthinkable' in any democracy. It's not by coincidence that sensationalized media 'sleaze' is rife since Mandleson's/Campbell's 'influences' are back in operation.

The Raven said...

Quite - 'naming and shaming' men for maybe being a position to do something morally questioniable is so far removed from what the police are supposed to be doing.

The Penguin said...

Jacqui Spliff serves at least 2 useful purposes. One is to keep Pie and Kebab Shops profitable. The other is to act as a deterrent to premature ejaculation. When getting to the vinegar strokes, think of Jacqui.

Mind you, some of her colleagues are even more useful in that they have a completely contraceptive effect. Luckily there are models for both sexes to make use of in this regard.

The Penguin

The Raven said...

If I had a 'comment of the day' competition, I think you would have just won it.

evil g said...

This is just a continuation of the war on men conducted by many of Labour's female ministers.

There is no penalty for theft or burglary in this country, and the sentences for paedophilia are contemptible.

But female Labour ministers push on with their feminist agenda and are happy to be tough when it comes to crimes that men are accused of.

In rape cases for example, Labour has changed the definition of "consent", and also brought in rules preventing defendants from being able to cross examine their accusers in court.

Anonymous said...

evil g

If the attitude and behaviour of female labour ministers did not suit their male superiors, they would've been ousted long ago.

Labour's wish to change 'rules', i.e. Law, on any issue is subject to due democratic Parliamentary procedures following by legally binding Acts.

Bullying/brainwashing is the attitude of despots.

kev g said...

Mildly amusing Hazel story found via a link on Dale.

On further reflection, puerile and verging on the pisspoor, but it's Friday so who gives a stuff?


The Raven said...

Thanks for that image, Kev ;)

Anonymous said...

What are her plans for 'high class escorts' ?

The Raven said...

Oh, I'm sure they're fine. How else are they going to keep Blunkett and the next Robin Cook happy?

cyberknight said...

Driving prostitution ubderground will have the same effect as with drugs and guns....ie make it harder to control, monitor and combat.

The Raven said...

Yup, it's a bit like what happened with the gun laws - some Tory some Labour on that front, it has to be said. Now the only people who don't have guns are the hunters, sportsmen, gamekeepers and those who shoot for pleasure. The gangsters and inner city gangs still have them.

Anti Misandry said...

You need to remember, Jacqui Smith isn't just a Labour woman - she is also a feminist. And that is her main priority.

She wants to criminalize innocent men of RAPE!!!

Now remember, the feminist moto "all men are rapists".

So, if 'all men' are not 'literally' raping women left, right and center, how can feminists have men charged with 'rape' when they are not actually raping anyone?

Ah-harrr! Simple - criminalize the man who seeks female company (prostitute) and charge him as a rapist.

This kills two birds with one stone for feminists.

Her kooky-kousin, Harriet Harman, also a feminist, has repeatedly claimed that 95% of reported rapes result in no conviction.

Notice she doesn't mention the sheer volume of false allegations? (If f/a's were removed from the 95% - it would not be 95%).

So, by criminalizing innocent men who seek prostitutes - they not only get to claim that 'all men' (well, a larger number that before) are rapists, but these feminists can also now boast that the 'conviction rate' has 'improved'.


Believe it or not - Jacqui Smith and Harriet Harm-men aren't just Labour idiots - they're radical man-haters too... And that is the only reason they're in government - to screw the man over.

The Raven said...

Well said, Anti.

While I would never want to trivialise a crime like rape, people who use that statistic always ignore the fact that rape gets treated by the police and CPS in a way few other crimes do. If you are punched in the face and go and tell the police - if they don't believe you, they won't do anything. In the case of rape, and because of the nature of the offence as well, they are pretty much compelled to believe alleged victims. So cases get to court that wouldn't have gotten past the report stage if the offence was something different.

Anti Misandry said...

Quite right. Naturally, rape is a terrible crime - for those that it really affects. But, feminism has diluted the definition to such a degree that one chap was branded (and charged as) a rapist because he didn't pull out "in time". He 'overshot' by 30 seconds. Wow.

You'll have to forgive my 'obsession' towards the feminist element here - but I'm seriously sick of it.

And while I'm at it, I do generally agree - Labour are bastards.

I voted back in the mid 90's for Tony bLiar when he promised to improve the NHS.

As soon as he was in power he promptly closed the maternity ward and A&E unit by me, forcing residents to take a 40+ minute journey to the nearest hospitals with those units still intact.

And even now, they're on about closing those units - meaning our nearest ones will be over an hours drive!!! WTF?!?!