Monday, November 17, 2008

Gordon Knows Best

Gordon Brown's Stalin-like lust to control everything around him never ceases to amaze me, and this time it's our organs he's after. I know everyone is focusing on G20 stuff today, which is why I'm looking at this story instead; to stop it getting swept under the carpet.

As you may have read, the Organ Donation Taskforce appointed by Gordon Brown recently reported that presumed consent for organ donation should not be introduced in the UK. Dr. Paul Murphy, a member of the taskforce, had this to say:

"It has the potential to undermine the concept of donations as a gift, to erode trust in NHS healthcare professionals and the Government, and negatively impact on organ donation numbers."

Pretty conclusive stuff, I thought. But Gordon doesn't seem to have any interest in what his own taskforce has to say, arguing:

"While they are not recommending the introduction of a presumed consent system, as I have done, I am not ruling out a further change in the law. We will revisit this when we find out how successful the next stage of the campaign has been."

In other words, he's going to ignore them and keep banging on about this issue until he gets what he wants. Just what is this next stage of the campaign going to be? Trial runs perhaps, which will no doubt force people on to the donor register against their will. Or spending our money on a publicity campaign to tell us why we're wrong and Gordon is right? Who knows.

And it is most obvious that Gordon Brown intends to force this on us eventually when you look at the target he has set:

"The proposal is that we double the number of volunteers to 50 per cent. If we can't get there quickly, then we will return to the proposal I have put forward, which is a presumed consent system."

Yes, you read that correctly. He wants to double the number of people on the donor register in a very short space of time. To give you some figures; there are currently nearly 16 million people on the register; over 2 million more than the total votes Labour won in their 1997 landslide, to give just one comparison. And to accumulate those 16 million people has taken over 30 years, from the introduction of the Kidney Donor Card in 1971; the current register was established in 1994. What all this shows is that Gordon Brown has set an arbitrary and almost ridiculously unobtainable target to justify forcing his plan on the country.


JT said...

After looking at other Blogs, the common feeling seems to be "No Way!".

Even donors are considering taking themselves OFF the register.

Some beardy doctor type was explaing on the news that the NHS can cope with 5 donrs out of the 400 that die every day. - the other 1100 are not on the register.

The Beeb news-reading muppet (either because he is stupid, trying to push the Great Helmsman's plan or just did not listen) then told the next interviewee that the law needed changing as soon as possible!!!

BBC - spin up Brown, the licence depends on it.

The Raven said...

Good old Beeb - Labour can always rely on them. I too had heard the problem was in sufficient transplant teams, rather than donors themselves, but I hadn't heard any confirmation of it. I presume the idea is to put everyone on the list so they can just run next door and hack up their neighbour or something.

Anonymous said...

Where's the funding coming from?

Brown's blatant contempt for human rights and free choice borders on insanity - megalomania.