Saturday, November 01, 2008

Another Minister Blames You

Caroline Flint, Labour MP for Don Valley, Minister for Europe and enthusiastic user of swear words, would like to remind you to use your local Post Office. During a visit to a Post Office in Branton Caroline said:

"We are lucky in Don Valley that we have local post offices in most outlying villages and towns. But it is too easy for residents to take their local post office for granted. Mike and Barbara Fussey have made a welcome investment in modernising this branch to improve the service for customers. My message is if you value your post office use it."

Yes, because the general public are known for taking their post offices for granted. There hasn't been a massive national campaign to stop the government closing 2,500 Post Offices or anything like that. Oh, wait, there was. In case you were wondering, Caroline did indeed vote for those closures, and also voted against a motion which stated that the House of Commons:
  • Regrets the proposal to close up to 2,500 post offices.
  • Recognises the vital role post offices play in local communities.
  • Notes the concern and unpopularity amongst the general public of closing such a large portion of the network.

Caroline has a scroller at the bottom of her website that shows how she has voted on various issues. Perhaps she should add 'voted to close local Post Offices' to it?

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