Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Job For...?

In all that has been written about the non-story that is 'George Osborne went on a yacht once', nothing has baffled me quite as much as Gordon Brown's comments today. At the end of PMQs, Brown said: "This is a very serious matter indeed and I hope it is investigated by the authorities." But who exactly does he mean?

In the same article, Labour MP Tony Wright, chairman of the public administration select committee - the parliamentary committee which would look into any impropriety- had this to say: "I am not sure which authorities Gordon thought he was talking about - the only one I can think of is the Conservative Party" and "we are not talking about corruption here, there was no corruption. We're not talking about law-breaking, there is no law-breaking."

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission has said: "There is no offense in electoral law in soliciting a donation... no one has presented any evidence under legislation that an offense has been committed.''

Leaving aside the fact that Osborne has strongly denied a donation was solicited at all, their conclusion also seems pretty clear. So who on earth is Gordon Brown talking about? Maybe this lot?


Anonymous said...

Computer says no.

Spooky indeed my friend. I'm tempted to say 'great minds' and all that, but I can't include myself in that analogy.

Have now added your site to the recommended read. 'Labour Bollocks' - like it.

Best wishes

The Raven said...

Mucho thanks!