Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Isn't This Nice?

So, it begins; Labour Bollocks is up and running. I have pictures of testicles and everything! The old Blears Watch stuff is being kept in the archive as it would be a waste to delete it. However, now that I'll be focusing on everyone involved with the government and the Labour party, I will re-categorise all of Hazel's stuff with her own tags.

I hope that by broadening my coverage I will be able to post more. Despite Hazel's general annoyingness, she had periods - like over the summer - when she said absolutely nothing. So this blog should be a bit busier. I also now have an e-mail address in my profile, should you want to bring any comments/stories/random info to my attention.

I hope you'll find this blog both useful and a bit of a laugh.

The Raven

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