Friday, October 24, 2008

Grim Up North

Yvette Cooper has had plenty to say recently, and not just about the looming recession. Australian rugby player Ian Henderson has insulted Castleford, the Yorkshire town he lived in when he was playing for the Bradford Bulls. He said of Castleford and its people, which is in Yvette Cooper's constituency:

"They've got rotten teeth, need a bath, run around drinking, have big beer bellies and just watch the footie. For someone coming from the coast and moving there it just kills you."

I've never been there, so I can't say whether he's telling the truth. Yvette had this to say though:

"I'm proud to live in Castleford... it's a great town with really strong and warm communities. If he's too pathetic to cope with Yorkshire weather and Yorkshire life, it's a good thing he's run away home."

She loves Castleford so much, in fact, that she and husband Ed Balls bought a house worth £655,000 in North London. To be honest, however, the most pathetic comment of the whole saga comes from Labour councillor Yvonne Crewe who said:

"I have lived in Castleford all my life and there's no better place to live anywhere. The people are magnificent."

Just read that again. She has never lived anywhere else, but there's no better place to live anywhere else in the world...

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