Monday, October 20, 2008

Changes Afoot

Dear All,

Blears Watch has a small but dedicated following, and I'm pleased that you give some of your time to this little venture. But I have decided that it is time for me to move on. No, the blog history isn't going anywhere, but the name and location will be changing. For as much as I loathe Hazel Blears, I feel there are many other people in government who are being spared my attention. Therefore, I plan to refocus the blog on the government as a whole. This will give me a wider range of people to comment on, and will also ensure posts on a more regular basis. For those of you who have linked to me, I will be sending you more information in the coming days about the changes. Because the address will change suddenly, be sure to check out some of these people - including Steve Green and Lord Elvis - for the new one.


The Raven

P.S. Do I change my name too, I wonder...?


Anonymous said...

can you concentrate on face ache flint

The Raven said...

She's one of the people I'm specifically changing direction for. She says far too many stupid things for me to let them slide anymore.