Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Really, Really Bad Memory

Hazel Blears - September 21st 2008 - Labour Conference:

"We're not going to win the next election by reading lists of achievement. They mean nothing... Nor will we win by denouncing the Tories record in government, because memories are fading and people have moved on."

Hazel Blears - September 23rd 2008 - Labour Conference:

"By 2010, the 18-year going into the polling station for the first time will have been born after Margaret Thatcher left office, and just started primary school when Labour won the 1997 election. Talk about Thatcher to those teenagers, and we may as well talk about Stanley Baldwin. Or mention the Miners’ Strike, and we may as well talk about Peterloo."

2 minutes later:

"Not after the 1980s, the young people queuing for their dole, the old people dying on hospital trolleys, and the communities torn apart. David Cameron, I know all about a broken society, because I lived through 18 Tory years in inner-city Salford, and I don’t want that again for my City, my community, or my family."

Hazel not remembering what she said two days ago is bad enough, but not remembering what she said two minutes ago is even more worrying.

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