Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hazel vs. Cleggover

When I thought about making this blog, I came up with a list of the 5 MPs I found most odious. That list was:

1. Hazel Blears
2. Harriet Harman
3. Ed Balls
4. Nick Clegg
5. Caroline Flint

So I'm all for someone taking a pop at the ridiculous Cleggmonster. He's one of those politicians who has got to his current position because he has a big mouth and projects a veneer of intelligence, and in Clegg's case this veneer is all too obvious. After all, why else would he essentially repeat David Steel's infamous gaff about the Liberals forming the next government?

In response to Clegg's claims Hazel said, "On planet Clegg they may think the ministerial cars are waiting. But in the real world, people are turning away from the Lib Dems in droves." She is presumably basing this on the latest opinion poll, which put the Con/Lab/Lib vote share on 52/24/12% respectively. But as this tidy graphic from ConservativeHome shows...

... voters don't seem to be turning from the Lib Dems and flocking to Labour instead. In fact, the vote share for both parties has dropped by the same amount, and to the benefit of the Conservatives.


Anonymous said...

I am glad someone has finally realised that Caroline "MP totty" Flint is absolutely awful - kind of like a drunken laddette in an M&S suit - the image is great until she opens her mouth.

The Raven said...

Yeah, that whole 'sexy Flint' thing eludes me and I suspect it always will.